Side Effects of Tadalafil

Side effects are caused by Cialis also but such cases are reported very few times only till now. Very rarely men experience side effects out of it. Even the side effects shown by this drug are very mild and stay on a temporary basis. Usually they occurs when the treatment initially started and once body become habitual to the drug these side effects stop appearing completely. Common side effects of Cialis are headache, upset stomach, nasal congestion, nausea, blur vision and so on. Be patient with these adverse effects as they disappear on own. No diagnosis nothing is required. A doctor needs to be seen if these mild side effects do not go away for long.

On certain occasions Cialis also shows some serious effects. They usually occur when undesirable changes are done in the dose. Serious side effects Cialis shows are breathing problems lie breathlessness, fast heartbeats, heart problems, cheat pain, firmness of erection for more than four hours etc. These signs are menacing and require immediate treatment. It’s good to be aware about the side effects. But these side effects do not form a complete list. Talk with your doctor for detailed info on Cialis side effects.


Cialis comes into effect soon i.e. shows erection in just 15 minutes, that means immediately after taking the drug starts fighting against the root cause of impotence and treats it. It performs its first action on an enzyme PDE-5. This enzyme is solely responsible for restricting blood inflow into the penis that finally gives rise to impotence. It makes penis muscles hard that are very important for carrying blood to the male reproductive organ. Thus curbing of this enzyme is must and foremost step in treating ED. Cialis firstly suppresses its production. Then the drug gets into work of producing an enzyme cGMP. This enzyme aids in improving the blood circulation in the penile region, thus making male sex organ harder and stiffer. Presence of this enzyme is very essential for erection. Third thing that Cialis do is of softening penile muscles. For doing that it ejects nitric oxide in the blood. This chemical softens penis muscles and takes blood toward the penis. That is how Cialis helps men in overcoming impotence and treats ED.

Treat Impotence Effectively

Generic Cialis have great benefits. Unlike other tabs that take one hour time to show erection, this drug provides erection in just 15 minutes. Men find them easier to take because cialis just need to be placed on tongue and they dissolve on own in the blood. These melt sooner than other tabs taken with water. For older men this drug is very useful. Erection becomes a quick thing with this medication. Do not take this drug for any other case except treating ED. cialis is a prescribed impotence medication.